Traits of a high performer part III – Thump your chest

Thump your chest as much as possible. Always keep your boss in the loop & on your side

There is a common misconception that your boss is aware everything you’re doing and everything you’re involved with. This is wrong. If you don’t tell her, then she doesn’t know.  If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it….

Do you feel that your boss doesn’t acknowledge you enough or praise you enough? Are you not getting that promotion or that bonus even though you worked your ass off? It’s because you’re doing a poor job of communicating your job and your achievements.

This is the most important step in developing that perception of being a hard worker.  Your boss needs to know everything that you’re involved in and it’s your job to keep him in the loop.

Take an active and preemptive role in your relationship with your boss. You need to get in front of her as much as possible. Set up weekly (at least monthly) meetings. Discuss your goals, achievements, thoughts and anything else you can think of. Take advantage of open door policies. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated. Walk in and say hello at every opportunity you can especially if you can use that one or two mins to give her an update on the stuff you’re working on. No matter how small the issue, discuss it. Important sidebar: don’t make every interaction with your boss to only discuss problems or complain about stuff. Balance it out with updates on your achievements, solutions to problems and overall positive energy. 

Get your boss emotionally invested in you. The more invested the boss is in you, the more invested she will be in your future success. The more invested your boss is in you, the more she will do to talk about you to others (especially to her bosses).

It’s not the long hours and the hard work that make you a high performer. It’s your achievements and your deliverables that make you a high performer. The more you deliver, no matter how small, the more career success you achieve.


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