You want a Bu.. Got..Tea? A Maz.. A.. Rot..Tea? You better work Bitch!

Britney Spears’ single “Work B**ch” resonates hugely with the Korporate Klimber.

The song is catchy as hell.

You may not realize that it also brings the formula for success down to its core. You want the good things in life that come with success? You better be ready to work hard (and be good at it).

You want that Bugatti or a Maserati? You better work. Bitch.

Success is glamorous   Work is boring
Success makes things easy   Work is overwhelming
Success brings glory   Work is thankless


Fans of the TV legal drama “Suits” are united in feeling a guilty pleasure every time Mike or Harvey figure a way to beat their newest nemesis. We all get a sense of euphoric giddiness when Mike pulls out a law or hidden clause in the contract that saves everything at the last moment.

What the TV show doesn’t (and can’t) show you in the 40 minute episode is that Mike and Harvey work their asses off. They are successful because they spend night after night reading boring case material. They sacrifice sleep and other comforts researching legal briefs and case laws. They get into the nitty-gritty, meticulously poring into the haystack over and over until they find that needle.

The treasure lies in the details, and therein lies the rub. You won’t find the diamond if you aren’t willing to dig through dirt. You can’t be successful at anything if you aren’t willing to invest time and energy diving into the details. That is the Korporate Klimber’s definition of work.

Truth is…it ain’t that easy. No matter how smart you are.



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