Five things you’re doing wrong at work

Career Sabotage

One of my favorite magazines just came out with a great article on the five things you could be doing to hurt your career.

FastCompany spoke to career experts about unwitting actions at the office that may be derailing your career.

1. Being hard on yourself when you fail

Failure happens. But you hurt your career when you let the fear of failure prevent you from sharing new ideas or taking risks. Instead, assess the cause of failure: was it due to lack of support from senior leaders? was it sabotaged? did you fail to plan or communicate appropriately? was it you? or was it due to external influences? Leverage your learnings to ensure success on the next project.


2. Thinking that self promotion is unprofessional

The Korporate Klimber is a big proponent of self-promotion. No one knows you better than you do. So, if you’re not touting your strengths and not sharing your achievements with others, you’re letting opportunities slip by you. Just don’t be a self-centered douche about it. Be classy by promoting the success of your project and the people involved.

3. Not being a team player

Sometimes, smart, ambitious people get frustrated because others on their team aren’t as smart, as motivated, or as dedicated to a project so they just say “fuck-it” and do everything on their own. This is a bad idea. Not only do you alienate yourself, you’re also sowing the seeds of jealousy and general discontent. If you piss people off, they’re less likely to help you in the future and more likely to take pleasure in watching you fail. Don’t be an island. You may want to laugh at the idea of holding hands and singing kumbaya with your fellow co-workers, but trust me … it is a good career move.

4. Not soliciting feedback constantly

Don’t wait for the annual performance review to find out what your boss really thinks of you. Instead, get in front of him at least once a quarter and ask for his feedback. Get him to help you find your weaknesses and work on them before he puts them down in an official company record at year-end. Jump on any opportunities for a 360-degree feedback.

5. Staying only in your comfort zone

Nothing kills a career faster than someone who doesn’t want to take on new responsibilities and expand their role. If you’re offered a chance to work on something beyond your daily responsibilities, jump on it immediately. But be smart and take on work that has high visibility. Avoid taking on thankless grunt work from your co-worker. Do take on thankless grunt work from your boss and other leaders.



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