Is success possible in a rigged system?


Income inequality exists and continues to widen because the rich keep getting wealthier and earn higher incomes while the middle class and low wage earners lose out. Sadly, majority of us Americans, being the ever optimists, don’t believe that we are part of the “have-nots.” Instead, we live in the illusion of “can-have” i.e. “I can be successful if I work hard” or “I can be wealthy if I invent the next app” or “I will be well paid once I reach the upper management of my company.”

In reality, the system is rigged against you from the beginning. If you weren’t born into the top 5% wealth society, you’re already way behind. If you went to a public school, you’re further behind. If you went to a non-Ivy League school, you’ve screwed yourself. If you joined an entry-level job at your company instead of a leadership program, you’re so far behind that your chances of becoming truly successful are minuscule.


This is not to scare you into giving up or discourage you from trying. This is to inspire you! Success IS possible … even in this rigged system. It just means you need to actively manage your success. No longer can you rely on your hard work alone.

The great thing about the capitalistic corporate world is that at the end of the day, it is cold, calculating and truly dedicated to self-interest. Therefore, if you can convince the corporation that having you around is in it’s best interest, you become valuable. When you become valuable, you become successful.

The goal is to prove that you are, in fact, a valuable asset. In fact, you have to be the most valuable asset to get to the top.

Proving yourself to be an asset requires that you, like the sharp blade of a ninja’s sword, are constantly polishing yourself. You must perfect your body, your mind, your spirit and your entire psychological being with only one goal – to get to the top.

Only then are you a true Korporate Klimber.


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