Why this blog?

This is not a blog to help you get a job. There are enough of those. This is for those who want to succeed at the job they have. Those who want to climb the corporate ladder.

The Korporate Klimber is for the ambitious, career focused people who get up every morning, go to work and kick ass!

The corporate world is a brutal place and climbing it requires years, even decades of planning and execution to succeed. You can’t win just by working hard. You can’t win just by knowing the “right” people (although that will get you further than the guy that works harder). You can only win by incorporating a combination of many strategies: work hard, know the right people, cultivate the right image, look for and take advantage of opportunities and above all, get lucky!

Over the course of time, I will try to share the insights I’ve learned and continue to learn and will ask others to share the same.


Please note: This is not a blog for whiners, complainers, naysayers and others who carry a ton of negative energy. To succeed in the corporate world and in life, a positive outlook is critical. It is the optimist that sees opportunity in every challenge. It is the driven, ambitious mind that pushes to achieve at all odds. This blog is for those people. Those who know what they want and are ready to go get it. 


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